Dog’s welcome. Humans tolerated.

If you have dogs, you know how much their love affects our Mental Health. I’ve always wondered if our pets feed off of our energy. If we’re sad, are they? If we’re mad, are they? If we’re happy, how are they acting? I tried to do some research, but there wasn’t much I could find. I know I’m not the only one who has thought this. I have two dogs and one cat. Bailey. Major. Shadow. My pets are my children, and I know most of y’all would say the same. Our animals feel the way that we do. Which is what I think makes them “man’s best friend.” I am by no means a professional researcher (LOL), but I do enjoy putting my opinion out there. So, that’s what this is.

I learned that our pets mirror our emotions; dogs can even synchronize their stress levels with ours. They feed off our happiness, our anger, and our sadness. It reminds me of a newborn. They read how you are feeling and react accordingly. Kinda like…”You’re sad? I’m sad.” “You’re angry? I’m angry.” Dogs have grown beside us for thousands of years, they have become in tune with emotions. Our pets form bonds with us, and neglecting to understand how our mental state affects them could be harmful.

We often neglect our mental health, but we don’t realize what effect that has on our pets. I, like my dogs, feed off the energy. Being Bipolar, my dogs see me through dark times quite often. They’re always so sweet. Major will lay on my chest to slow my breathing and help me calm down. Bailey will just walk up and lick the tears right off my face. I never once thought that my chronic sadness would harm them.

There have been many times when I’m so depressed I can’t even get up and walk for longer than five minutes. Therefore, no walks. This isn’t fair to my pets. I’ve tried to get better. It helps now that we are in an apartment. We end up going on like ten fucking walks a day, lol. But, I think it is going to help all of us so much with our Mental Health. Sunshine is good for the soul.

This topic is a brand new one for me, and I wasn’t able to find too much. I’m going to continue searching this up on forums, search engines, etc. I will be back for this one. From what I concurred, we should pay more attention to our pet’s feelings. Neglecting our pet’s mental health negatively impacts their general welfare. I’m not saying don’t cry. Lol, shit. I cry like twelve times a fucking day. I’m saying to make an effort, get out of your bed, and get the hell outside. Go on that walk. Go to the dog park. I feel like we help dogs just as much as they help us. If we’re happy, they’re happy, And if they’re happy, we’re happy.

Do you have any pets? Leave me a comment below and tell me 🙂

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